Thursday, January 28, 2010

kinda jacked up.........

i jacked up my left wrist polishing so i've been moving slow the last few days - i can hardly do shit with only one good limb to my name! still, i was able to prep Eric's frameset so he could come build it - dark ford blue, a fine color. i went to acupuncture & massage and i'm feeling better about my wrist, it's coming around. i'm constantly treading a thin line on the edge of overuse.
all built! quite the eclectic gruppo. ready to go around the block or around the world, no problem.

stoked guy leading his new pony home.
going to get back on Stan's frame today & wrap it up. wrist feels up to it - i need a color!

this kinda thing is what works you - repetitive motion.

lastly, curving top tubes.

that's it for now, ya'll. next time i'll be back with Stan's finished frame & Jude's in process - Steve.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2nd biggest winter storm ever / Stan's frame.

here is the view from the office - whoa!
Glad i married good Wisconsin stock! that's an 8' ladder behind the pole. there's still allot up on the roof, too. Denise is pretty worn out. i'm kinda worthless at helping, so i'm just working - i figure that i can at least make money while she is shoveling.....

Shop view.
checking out Stan's frame. good!
starting out on seat stays. this is just a raw 8' length of 4130.

done - i've put allot into these, enough that i consider much of it proprietary any more.

after mitering i'm checking to see what i have - all good.

final alignment check before i install the seatstay brace & braze it all up.

setting up to braze. i like having things like this all set up like a little ceremony to the brazing gods.......

Pow! all brazed up.

this is why i am now offering un-filed bikes for less $$$$ now. i can just send this to paint & it looks just fine & rides the same as a "signature" model filed to a ultra-fine smooth radii junction.

BB junction.

that's it for now, ya'll i'll keep you all posted on progress. Steve.

Friday, January 22, 2010

holding in there.......

one of the top three snowfalls ever recorded in Flagstaff, with more to come. can't see out of the windows anymore. this was yesterday afternoon, and we got 12"+ more, with up to double that expected, still on the way. damn.........

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

snow days!

Stan's bike is coming right along!
checking the tolerances. if all your parts don't fit then all the frilly bits in the world don't make a bit of difference.......
Yes, we have some snow............
front view - and, this is only the first of three storms - WHOA.

how deep? not sure..........

just a check-up on things - snowed in & getting work done. i'll keep you posted. Steve.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stan's frame, last ride before the storm........

and so it starts: Stan's bike, a 29er off to Wisconsin.
all fluxed up: brazing the seat tube sleeve on.

sub-assembly. #1 - seat tube/bottom bracket. checked for straightness - onward!

front triangle all done. "BLO" - bicycle like object.

random shop shot. widget drawer.

got a last ride in before the storm - it's dumping snow right now - up to 4' forecast.

not bad views, either.......
a tiny, tiny cactus - about as big as a quarter.
dropping in on lost watch!

don't let a soap yucca poke your eye out!!

i thought this looked cool - the dry rain falling over the Verde Valley with cockscomb in the foreground and snow covered Mingus Mountain in the background.
NW 1/4 section 34, Township 18N, Range 5E. you can find this exact spot on a Coconino Natl' forest map - it says "Yavapai" so i thought it was the border with that county & Coconino, but on the map it shows the border as being about 2mi. east of here.......i think i believe the surveyors more then the map. you? that's it for now, thanks all for reading, Steve.

Friday, January 15, 2010

damn, that's sweet/some new news.

a great pic from Anthony of his new ride overlooking the Pacific - niiiiice. got to tie up Eric's project, start Stan's 29er and i'm doing some restoration on Troy's Coconino # 35, six years old, it's getting new paint & some more cable guides. right now "the three J's" are all coming up: Jay L, Jude S, Justin H. & then Sam B. 26", 650B, 29er, 26". cool. also, there are pricing changes, check out the new "FAQ" section on my main web page: while the frames i now make are considered "signature" models, there is a LESS EXPENSIVE version! same workmanship, same tubing, same geometry. all bikes on order currently will be considered "signature" models, but with no change to your price quote. i have two more frame slots open for 2010 {wow!} which are "promised" but, i usually am slightly ahead of delivery or pretty much spot-on. thanks all for your continued support, Coconino Cycles would not exist without all of you. I have just turned seven years of full time frame building as well as twenty two years of professional bicycle mechanics and twenty four years of custom wheel building. kinda crazy, huh? viva 2010! Steve.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

just a whole bunch of cool stuff - check it out!

Current project: Eric's bike. design goal achieved - whole bike fits in a bag the size of the wheel. this bike has been a pleasure to build, i have took my time more then usual & it is just oddly effortlessly perfect in a cool great way.
how about that? Eric watched me melt it all together and it is smoooooth.
tan G's blueprint. rigid 29er for carving singletrack in Wisconsin.

most of the parts all polished and checked for blems. all good!

current office view with Gus-Gus enjoying the sun.

this one kinda sucks.

George's bike went home to Yuma, AZ.
Gearing up for Baja!!!
Sweet old parts.
Doug Hall!!!!
Getting it straight.
the shop got a thorough cleaning & the table got oiled & the floor got swept.
Andrew: i'll take this foxhound.........
Sedona secret spot.
trail side view looking up at the snow on the rim. 25 miles from our house.
a zoom shot of a dry waterfall on Wilson Mountain.
Denise & Meg. extra cheese!

well that will have to do! i'm wrapping up Eric's project after an office day today and then starting on Stan's 29er. then: Jay L, Justin H, Jude S, Jessee G, Sam B.............and on to current delivery of Nov, 2010. thanks for reading! Steve.