Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - It's a wrap! Thanks for all of you who made Coconino happen for another year!

This is the beginning of Meghan's 700c all-rounder. She won the raffle to benefit the Benton family, and this is her prize. We are going to Camp Verde for the weekend & I'll wrap it up next week. Get Stoked!

Starting to be bike-like in the early morning sun.

I got in my 1st ride in over a month only to have my steering cable bust 1.5mi into the ride - game over..........bummer........better luck next time, I reckon. It was beautiful out.

Snow is here!

Around a couple feet, I guesstimate.

D. in full arctic mode! Good WI stock.

Gus-Gus / Cody face-off. Looks like Gus wants to go with. Cody is getting really, really old mighty fast. Not sure if she will make 14 or not. She has had a awful good time while she has been here & has been loved allot, that's about all you can ask for, I reckon.

Going to bring the Orange Bike back from the dead. All the parts are just plain worn out. D. wants her geared mtb back.

A big stack of work.

random piece of wall art in the shop.

That's it for 2010, folks! Thanks for the support all around & a really big "Thank You" to all new & old Coconino customers - I couldn't do it without you all - Thanks! Back at work Mon, out of here for the weekend - Steve.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pete's bike wrapping up / Sick! @*$^#%!

Pete's 29er trail/tour bike is just about wrapped up, just waiting for him to bring his new rack by so I can get the rack mounts in *just* the right place. Nice bike!

Shaping fillets "toil"


Ditto here. beginning to oxidize..........

Bbbbrrrrrr!!!! Cold! A view from the couch on a chilly morning.

Bike # three came home to get some overhaul lovin' - still going strong at eight years.

El-Son brought me some goodies muy fina from Sonora - a jar of chilipequin & a couple bottles of "India Brava" - 100% ground chilitepin! - HOT! I wish they sold it here - one of my all time favourite salsas.

That's all i got right now. I'm really quite sick {again} Man, just ill. I tried to go to work today but that just resulted in a coughing fit that left me almost vomiting & crapping at the same time. Sometimes you just have to rest, I guess.......I have gotten a couple of bikes behind, big apologies to all! I try to avoid that at all costs, but man - I'm cratered. I was supposed to go biking since the 1st time in over a month too.........Damn. Maybe it will make me feel better? - Steve.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

workin' hard.

But plenty of time to post this sweeet-ass pic of S. McF's swanky new ride! Frame by Me, fork by Wade at Vulture cycles. We do good work together! Maybe I can get a ride report from him to post, as I think this was a great ride with cool features & geometry. I wouldn't walk very far away from it in WA state, that rig will blend right in.
In other new, been working hard re-doing our new house, but I'm waiting for it to be all buffed out to post pics. Can you say "overworked?" back to work on Pete's frame. - Steve.

Friday, December 17, 2010

STUFF! / Build Queue.

Barry's cruiser is pretty much done - wow! can't wait to see it in the sun - it's been snowing for a few days now & I'll wrap up the finish details like decals, frame prep & head badge when he comes to pick it up.

Pete M's bike to be, An "all mountain" bike in the true sense of the word, from trail carving to loaded touring.

BAM! just like that - all tacked up.

Alignment spot-on. check.

2.35" Panaracer Rampage all the way forward in the drops? Check. Room for a Shimano triple? Check. Three H2O bottles? Check.

Seat stays fabricated & ready for application.

E. Pollard has been working on his days off for a few months on this "dirt roadster" - nice bike!

Meghan's Cross bike / urban trail / roadster in design phase. This is the raffle prize for the Benton family. Cool!

EP scoping his frame in the last psychedelic fading's of the day.........

And lastly, a drive-by-smiling from the World's Toughest UPS Man!

That's it for now, Folks! Up Next: Meghan {AZ}, Kenny C. {TX}, Ed H. {VA} Katie B {AZ - thanks for showing back up! you took TS's slot, who had to cancel, you have been in the queue for 1.5yrs!} Hannah {VT} Amy P. {AZ} Christie D. {AZ} Alisha {AZ} Jeffery K. {FL} Mike B. {NC?} Tom Crimp {MI} John G. {AZ} Nick K. {CA} Jason M. {?? - E. coast?} Marybeth {AZ} John A. {???} Chris P. {AZ} Justin F {??} Greg B. {CO} Hunter S. {NV} Mark W. {UT} Jim R. {Third bike!! AZ} - I think that's everyone right now.....21 people? - Steve.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cruiser done!

Gus-Gus approved! It's got all the braze-ons on it now, but I really like the polished finish before you do them..

A different angle to show the mellow S-bends of the rear triangle. quite the retro beauty!

out of the dunk tank - smooth.

Just checking in with the Cruiser, It's off to become a pearlescent Kawasaki green. More to come next week - Steve.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Damn cool stuff - Shawn's bike outta here, Jeff bike looks badass, 36hrs of fun / Blown Out!

Finally got a built shot of Jeff's 650B - wow! what a sweet looking bike!

Shawn McF's bike is on it's way to him in WA state. It aughta blend into the jungle really nice.

I like this & highly suggest this for disc/one speed use. The way go!

Really smooth lines on this rig..........

All the silver bits really compliment the green really well.

The sun setting over the Kaibab Plateau with the Paria Plateau in the foreground.

The Arizona Strip is one of my favourite spots in the world!

Sneaking up on the fish..........

I love this pic - Gone!

Note dragbag contents..........

off into the deeps!

Breakfast - Tecate & hot peppers...........!

Barry drawing up a measurement scale for measuring trout. 12"-14"-16"+

D. rocking it in the Necky.

Barry in his new boat!!!

Fashion Queen!

Wes & Lou stopped by for a visit. Great kiddos!

That's it for now - thanks readers! - Steve.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Barry's cruiser - busting it out!

Popped out of the jig for the first time.

Dropouts parallel.

Hey! let's bolt it down & check it out!

Sussing up the seat stay situation........

I love 4130!

= seat stays.
The weather is very conducive to working.

Looking pretty damn nice.

All tacked up. The afternoons are the best time to work in the shop with the low winter light.

Seat stay brace installed and ready for cleaning & brazing.

Brazed up. Cruisers rock. - Steve.