Monday, November 30, 2009

Jack's 650B wrapped up.......

out of the dunktank, no polishing of any sort done yet........
ditto. i'm stoked.

same as the pic above, just add time, just subtract thumbs!

i think you either have to just paint the fillet or polish it all the way. i don't think you can do it half way and look at all good. i think you could just paint this bike & it would have looked OK!

checking out clearances. you could run a pretty short spindle on this rig for a tight "Q" factor.

all done - lights out at Coconino World HQ. thanks for reading! Steve.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jack's 650B all brazed, got out for a ride!

Jack's frame is all brazed & man, i was on my game the day i brazed it up.
final clearance checks before brazing.

man - pretty much the whole frame came out like this - i'll post some de-fluxed pics when i finish work on it today.

I got out on a ride with Denise & the dogs {of course.} it was my first ride in well over a month, maybe almost a month and a half. i feel strong from rowing in the canyon, my shoulders felt pretty smooth, but my contact points definitely felt it.

a shot of the icy descent on Sunset trail. the one-off doesn't care about ice at all - totally non-sketchy.

that's it for now, y'all. i'm looking at a stout work day but i'll check back in soon - Steve.

Monday, November 23, 2009

update on Jack's 650B & some home stuff.

all ready for seatstays - i have them made, but i need to bend them & miter them - the hardest part of the build!!
checking out the tolerances - nice! it fit the Nevegal 650B all the way forward & it measures in at 56mm wide even though it's listed as a 2.1" & it is a full 28" diameter!

i didn't have to do **** to it. it's all good - next step, please.

that's totally untouched. i nailed all four sides just like this. Money. next step, please.

chopping & ciphering. i love my Anvil fixtures.

Cody took a big hit & had to get a "lumpectomy." she had a lump that grew substantially while we were gone & we got it removed quick. she's all good now four days out, one damn tough dog for being 12!

that will get you through the day!

all of our christmas cactus are blooming, this color is my favourite. i think they look like sea creatures.

just trying to adjust to life back at home. it hurts allot going back into a wheelchair after over two weeks "free range" but it's all good. going slow on Jack's bike, but i'm worried that i'm rusty after the trip, but it is *TIGHT* it's just dead-nuts straight, too. sweet. back at it, lots of wheels to build, kits to select & frames to make - Steve.

Friday, November 20, 2009

catch up/"rest" day

i got Jack's 650B front triangle all tacked up. it will be a damn cool scoot - a 650B x 110mm travel "Lefty" fork.
seat tube assembly. it surprises me just how much work there is in this seemingly simple start to a bicycle.

tacking - an art unto its self!

man, taking a day off from metal work today, i have to knock out some parts quotes, figure out my taxes, talk to clients, build some wheels, order parts.........quite the "day off", huh? it all just comes with wearing all the hats as a solo business owner/craftsman. gotta get organised & then back at Jack's frame tomorrow - Steve.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anthony's frame/ Denise's frame - right back into it!

Denise's frame is done - sorry for zero build pics, Denise doesn't care much how they are built, she just wants to ride them...........
Sometimes shop helper Barry QC'ing Anthony's frame.

Damn - that's badass! way classic "racing panels"

smooooth on both Spectrum & My accounts.

sweet seat tube junction. the spine of the bicycle.

topside showing the pin striping on the top of the toptube & the special Coconino "C" on the seat tube panel.

tight work, yo!

well, back at it full tilt. doing some tweaks on Jacks 650B/Lefty plans & jumping in with that, and then: Marzoff's bike {i hope - two years in & he's still deciding what he wants - give him shit if you see him, please......he's been bumped four times..} then: George D's "dirt roadster" frame & fork in classic style and look giving nod to English roadsters of yore & the fine work of Mike at ANT cycles. then, David S's full-blown-round-the-world 700c dirt tourer, Eric P's road frame & fork, and Stan G. tying up the "Next Five" also on the radar, Jay L.............. good to be back but hard and painful segue to back working in the chair - Steve.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Back from the Grand Canyon!

Yes, fun was had by all! thanks to everyone on the trip, you were all just the best, what fun we had!! i edited my pics down to 962 {!} but some great ones are here: go for "slideshow." just trying to organise from being in the wilderness on the water for sixteen days. but, back at it tomorrow polishing Denise's new 650B all down. enjoy the pics! Steve.