Monday, September 28, 2009

wow, 2009 is winding down............and *important* customer updates.

Robert's frame - it's all tacked up and the dropouts have been brazed together in either the jig or the chainstay fixture, the seat stay brace has been fab'ed and tacked and a final alignment check for kicks. ready to be wire brushed, cleaned and wiped down with alcohol and then have the joints fluxed and all brazed up in one shot.
Bam! all brazed up, just like that. "framebuilding - so easy, even a cripple can do it!"

pretty damn OK........

during the polishing and sculpting process - almost there.

and just a little bit more - whew. i'm gonna wrap it today and send it off to Spectrum.

we got out in the woods yesterday and i cranked out a four hour grind. it was hard, pretty, hot and very, very dusty. my eyes are shot today.

i made the dogs walk behind me to cut down on the dusting i received.

sure was pretty, though!

portrait from Denise. i actually have no idea why she likes me, but i sure am lucky that she does!
that's all the pics for now - so, here's an update/forecast of my fall - we are going kayaking from the 10th to the 13th of Oct. for our anniversary { 8yrs }and then Oct 29th we are going on a 16 day Grand Canyon private trip with some of our best friends. so: here is what is up with bikes. Robert: yours and Anthony's {which is up next, like, today - i want it done when we go kayaking} which are going to Spectrum *MAY* show up at my house when i am in GC. this means you will not get them until mid-Nov. when i return. Jack B: we have to get the Lefty down. having it and the adapter here for the build would be *awesome* if possible. i would love to get your bike done & maybe even painted & out in between our trips. next is George D. i'll get your fork going before the GC trip and then build the frame upon returning. after George: Denise Garro, Marzoff {decide what you want!!} and then David S. and Ed M. you guys asked to be bumped a long time ago, you are up now and i'll contact you both - ditto to you both as well. then, waaayyyy out there are Eric P's frameset and Stan G. that's pretty much 2009 & maybe a tiny bit into 2010. current frame delivery is around May, 2010. Rock on, Steve.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tubes in/frames out + other stuff.......

the results of a final late night push on frame prep. Mark's bike looks hot!
the smooth fillet brazed joints compliment the new Phil Wood bottom bracket quite nicely. Fire Engine Red!

custom Paragon set up for one speeding and canti brakes.

progress on Robert's frame. tomorrow is seat stay day.........

got out on the western side of the peaks for a ride - it felt good! i'm feeling pretty strong right now. i'm able to go out on "actual rides" what i would consider a short mountain bike ride. Denise was actually surprised i climbed this as fast as i did, but conditions were absolutely perfect for traction.

nice meadows and ferns in between the aspen groves.

soon these will be all red, yellow and orange if the fall weather cooperates. it's been two falls that were unimpressive but three years ago the colors went off for a good month.

Denise shortcutting me with a pretty nice view of Arizona's highest peaks.

grinding it out to the finish. i was TIRED.

new goodie from Ron at King Cage - can you guess where it goes?

current high shop rotation stacks.........that's all for now. more later, i'll check back soon with progress. Steve.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

checking in with all the goings-on.

Mark's frameset is back from paint already. fire engine red! i'll put up some sunny pics with the stickers, dropouts and headbadge before it goes in the box to be shipped Monday.
started a bike this morning for Robert. here's my 1st step - taking a piece of fish mouthed 4130 and turning it into a seat tube sleeve.

all parts minus the seat stays all scrubbed and inspected for flaws & ready to get the butting and bowing marked and set to be turned into a bicycle.

a detail shot of some of the fitting. tight is right!

fast forward and you have a front triangle. it's a 29er built for a 100mm front fork. this one will be going to Tennessee.

got out for a quick fishing trip with Petito & Barry for a fishing trip to upper lake Mary - about 10 miles or less from my house. it was a beautiful day!

we caught a big stringer of yellow perch up to 12" and some big pike which got thrown back after some great line peeling action. good frying pan size! i really dig the orange fins.

just out chillin' on the water with some guys i've known 20 years or so.

who should show up but Brock on a test ride in his new Grand Canyon rig. you could take this on any river in the world, no problem -as long as it's got enough water to float it! i used to work in the metal fab shop that makes frames & accessories for boats like this & others for rivers all around the world. that was the job that taught me that i could work on metal for hours and hours.

lastly, we have had these cats working on our new flagstone patio for quite awhile. i'll post some pics of them and their work when they complete it. they are floating one thin layer of stone on the slab & then joining another layer on top for long term durability. that's pro.

that's about it for awhile. i'm gonna get Robert's chainstays on tomorrow & then i must do frame prep & then box up a bunch of things to go out to folks and build some wheels. Denise is out of town and i gotta catch up on a bunch of stuff like dishes and showering! i get to go for a ride on Monday and on Tuesday i should get Robert's frame ready to braze. later, Steve.

Monday, September 14, 2009

mid sept. 09' Pic-Tacular.

Mark's bike is looking really awesome. it's done. whew. that was quite a project. i figure it's a 28 3/8"er.........700 x 45 panaracer firecross tires.
finished fillet brazed seat tube. looking good!

the last step.

just how cool is that?

go ahead, you know you wanna copy this - go ahead! nothing in bikes is new or sacred.

damn, that's schweet. 34 tooth ring. low Q factor, too.

brookbank meadow.

a wee baby horny toad.

some dwindling flowers! here we have an Aster. i really dig this purple.

mystery yellow flowers

Denise checks out a nice Ponderosa. likely 10-12 feet in circumference

i actually rode trails with no tracks.........

how damn nice is that?

Aspens........what an absolutely perfect day.

don't disable yourself! so many do.

bending top tubes in the new bender. my bender runs off of tortillas & eggs!

afternoon incident. owwwww!

lastly, Doug helping engineer our new rural package mail box - it reminds me of something you would see in Pee Wee's Playhouse. i may have to find some googly eyes for the flag. that should do it for now! Steve.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mark's frame / a ride before the rain.

here she sits in the jig looking really cool - it's all brazed up & soaking off the flux in the dunktank for awhile. i'll get some raw brazed & polishing pics up in the next few days.
final pre-brazing alignment check.

this bike took allot of figuring! that's a Phil Wood external bearing bottom bracket with a shimano 105 crank running a single 34 tooth ring and a panaracer 700 x 45 tire with mud clearance. all in their place with proper spacing.

a random shot shot of some of my frame build ciphering.........

rode up almost all of schultz creek before being turned back by imminent stormy conditions today - it was sweet out!

Denise self-portrait - her hair is getting quite long again.

one of my absolute favourite conditions - full sun with rain falling. beautiful...........

pin balling through a rock slot with much scraping.

that's it for now - i'm totally worked. filing & polishing Mark's frame, his fork is done, and then starting on Robert M's 29er. whew. Steve.