Friday, December 25, 2009

X-mas sign -off

all done!
dirt roadster...........

"i would totally shred this!" - Denise.

Denise says she will take it if you don't want may want to come get it. have a great day! Steve.


humjude said...

WOW!! Great bike... A machine like that makes me realize that I can never have enough bikes!! I have a similar animal, only with skinny tires and a White Industries Dos Enos. Beautiful work.

aki said...

Steve and Denise, greeting from no snow land Osaka. All of your friends in Japan hope you have great holiday!



FraSiec said...


What's the deal with the handle bars. Couldn't see real well, but they look unusual. Not like a mtb or a road bike. Did you customize them as well?


steve garro said...

they are Nitto Moustache bars ala John Stamstad/Bridgstone XO-1 style. quite nice & wrapped with double cork - cooomfyyyy!