Friday, December 04, 2009

shop update / Denise's new 650B, upcoming builds / whassup.

Denise's new 650b! she is stoked - it came out really, really nice. some out there bemoan the "lack" of 650B dedicated forks, but why? 29er forks work *perfect* FYI.
just some minor tweaks & we have to steal some pedals of one of her other three Coconinos that she has up & running and it's off to hit the trails. it's by far her lightest bike.

color: "Black Olive" a Coconino fave.

out in the shop today working on George D's fork for his 700c x fat tire Dirt Roadster, building wheels for him, inventorying stock for the end of 2009 to see what needs to find a new home & what i need to get, straightening up after Me & Barry ripped one of my entire work benches off the wall raking blades, Stripping Troy's 6yr old Coconino down for a re-painting & some added braze-ons, and just trying to segue smoothly into the upcoming builds. i just gotta get some re-organisation going before i start. SO: next five builds, get your ducks in a row & we shall talk - George: on deck. we are allll good. David S's 700c/29er world tourer: rolling along. expecting the 1st of your parts today. all good. Marzoff: still missing. Eric P's 700c frame/fork: i think we are all good. if you have any special dedicated parts i wanna see them. i'd like to at least have your wheels & cranks/rings/BB here for the build. Stan G: we gotta talk details. get ahold of me & I will do the same. Jay L's 26" trail bike/1-speed. your hubs are on the way, getting your wheels going. Jessee G's 29er - coming up! that's what is on the immediate event horizon, plenty of work there, all full builds but one. thanks for reading, all - Garro.


Sam Correa said...

That is a very nice bicycle. Your frames are looking better and better.

M_Avina said...

Bike looks sweet!

Japhy rider said...

F29 work perfectly and have mad clearance for sticky mud on a 650b tire! beautiful frame amigo.

zanna said...

Dear Steve your "Black Olive" is