Tuesday, December 08, 2009

just a quick "howdy"

we got hammered!!!! about 2.5' in Mtn. Dell we figure. 70mph winds clocked! it was impressive. Denise: "i LOVE my snow blower!" looks like i'm gonna be clocking some shop time, yo..........
George came up from Yuma & we worked on his plans. i made the fork this week and built the wheels. i have boxes of parts with people's names in every nook in the shop. i spent a couple of *days* just figuring parts & build kits. i also inventoried tubing, since me & Barry tore the tubing rack off the wall along with the fork blade bending mandrel & it had to be "bomberized" Thanks Smilin' Mike for the wood fab. great work, man.

all prepped up. i mitered everything yesterday and need to go fit it all together. Check this out: DT: tange prestige helical. TT: kaisei. HT: the last piece of prestige 36.5mm. ST: true temper. CS's: new true temper S-bends. fork: StT: columbus. blades: true temper. pacenti crown. BB & DO's: paragon. ST lug & SS's: 4130. stuff i've been saving for a cool project............more later, Steve.

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