Wednesday, December 09, 2009

George's dirt roadster coming right along.

Man, it was a really long day yesterday, but also a quite productive one. i got this far on the Dirt Roadster. looking niiiice. the fork & the wheels are done, too. i'm doing everything start to finish but the paint.
a nice fit - two eyes, a sharpie, a hacksaw and a warding file. oh yeah, practice, too..........

ditto here. tight is right!

Dan is dangerously close to completing the frame he started in the summer. it will be sweet......he is still riding the bike i used to ride that i built six years ago, rode the shit out of, and then gave to him 4+yrs. ago which he has been riding just as hard -it is tired! he also has a Voodoo 29er, but it has bad toe overlap. yuck.

new dunk tank!!!!! thanks, Denise! my old one was near blowout, and not wanting to flood the shop & then have it freeze, i upgraded. i have been in the process of overhauling all my gear. most of it needs it bad, having been used for almost seven years solid. i'm taking the day off from metalworking. i already went to the bank & had breakfast at Martanne's with Denise. i need to shave, bathe & do dishes..........normal person stuff! more later, thanks for stopping by, Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

The rear drop-out/chainstay junction looks usual.

aki said...

Go, our dangerous Dan go!

I'm happy to know that Dan's project is going on. I wonder which color he picks up.


Cyclebound said...

I hope Dan tries to replicate the paint job he did on your old bike on his new bike.