Thursday, December 24, 2009

George's bike ready for the last touches, some pics from red-rock country.

Just about complete - c'mon up & we will dial in the contact points, string the brakes & let it loose.
fork detail to show a better color sample - it is quite nice in the sun, it shines like a desert mineral......
the snow is getting deep!! also, -9*F this morning Brrrrr...........!!

a shot of Denise with her new favorite bike - 650B wheels + suspension x one speed x custom framebuilder husband = happy wife.
i went for a spin at Beaver Creek & it was quite nice. there are archaeological sites everywhere but almost no one sees them........

i think the dogs bet on whether i will make it or not. or, maybe they are cheering?

quite the pretty place. this day it was Sunday & there were four cars for a 20-mile creek.

not very smooth going all-in-all.

just off the trail - a large multi-family ruin covering an entire hilltop.

that may be the last post of 09'...........gonna start Eric P's mega-project tomorrow. i'll tell you about it then - Steve.

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