Saturday, December 12, 2009

George's bike all brazed/workworkwork.

all smoothly brazed. just gotta polish it up & touch up the fork a tiny bit and put brake bosses & and a few cable stops and H2O bottle mounts on it and off to paint. this is a complete bike, so we will all get to see the ultimately finished product from conception to completion. cool.
this is for E-Gelle. thin, milky flux. gasflux blue, with a gasfluxer on "med/lo" and Aufhauser 680 brass-nickle rod. i get it here: i use a victor torch with a #1 tip.

finished fillets. i can confidently say without bragging that it's pretty hard for me to see where i am gonna go from here as far as improvement. i have decided that i am going to offer a non-filed frame option. prices to be disclosed soon. taking orders for Sept/Oct 2010 currently. thanks, all!
pre-braze alignment check - bitchin'.

these stays kinda worked me!

the other day on MTBR frame building forum guys were saying that brass flux was not corrosive to steel. here is my side of the argument. that's oxidation from only <12hrs after brazing. put anti-corrosion goo in your frames, folks!!!!!! do it NOW. if you own a Coconino all the tubes should have vents into each tube so you can inject anti-corrosion fluid like Boeshield T-9, J.P. Wiegle Framesaver, Tri-Flo, or WD-40. your frame is an investment - no warranty on rust!

Denise's current flock - not bad!
that's it for now - thanks for reading - Steve.


Jason Alsvig said...

Thanks for posting the brazing link, I need to get more rod and flux.

I don't know why you file anymore. The puddles are so damn nice, good motivation for work in the new garage on upcoming frames.


Japhy rider said...

um, i swam across a river with my panniers, one at a time, then the bike... any recommendations? my recommendation was to leave the panniers on! bike floats better with them installed. Garro recommended dry it thoroughly, then treat it to better living through chemistry.

luckily, it was July. i just left the bike in the sun w/o the seat post, bb, etc. for a day and change. years later, it's survived acute traumatic stress and chronic abuse. now, Rosi runs around w/o paint and gets scrubbed on an as-needed basis.

but, since i don't do ortho via my frame's vent holes, i too dry it out on occasion by compressed air and luberup with aerosolized low surface tension antioxidants.

may the hills rise to meet you.