Thursday, December 31, 2009

Eric P's bike/fork, some nice Sedona conditions.

parts & things - gotta start somewhere!
i do a micro-fillet under the down tube, i don't like mitering to a fillet. it will melt into the outer fillet when i join it all together.

Bam! finished fork. it came out very nice, light, straight & very stiff.

I also got the front triangle all tacked as well with the S & S travel couplers in place - they enable the bike to be broken down for travel. not especially light nor cheap - a $775.00 upgrade. very slick & handy for travel, though.

man, my hands are hammered. i don't even know how i scraped the skin off my middle finger - it just started hurting when i hit it with 91% alcohol & then filled it with Boric Acid..........

a gorgeous Sedona day! a far cry from the deep snow here in Flagstaff & only 28 miles from our house.

this was really hard - saw spots & the whole deal. i've been very strong since rowing the canyon.

getting ready to rip with faithful Yellow Dog Cody. she is looking great since her "lumpectomy." rock on, Yellow Dog!!!!

they just freakin' love this stuff. me too. Denise thought this line to be questionable, but i figure that if a bike can drop it i can.

see - rolled it all no problem!
that's it for now, not working super hard today. i want to get Eric's chain stays on & do some organisation and maybe get a shower & stuff like that. i think i need a shower as i do not remember my last one..........Eric P: can you get me a big ring & some C-Ring bolts? i wanna dummy up the cranks & BB to see if i can fit stars on your seat tube H2O cage with the 600 front derailleur. drop me an E-mail. OK? Stan G - your build is coming up, i'll contact you. then, Jay L, Jessee G, Justin H, Jude S, Sam B, Joey G, Gitty...........on it goes to Nov. more later, thanks for reading, Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Hardcore Steve!
That fork is a beauty!

Jeff said...

Yeesh, that is a tough line, especially low to the ground! Hope you don't whack your knees on stuff like that.

Mimbres Man said...

Also Happy New Year! Hope 2010 is a good one for the Garros, Coconino, and cycling.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

I am a big fan of Calexico. Check them out with Iron and Wine. Very good. Nice to see you cranking out some forks.

devin said...

I like the views ... Good line ...

Have a great holiday and keep up the good work.....

We love telling all the story's.

vulture said...

Put some Super Salve on those sore hands, BTW I just got some in the mail, Thanks Steve, I am stoked!