Monday, November 23, 2009

update on Jack's 650B & some home stuff.

all ready for seatstays - i have them made, but i need to bend them & miter them - the hardest part of the build!!
checking out the tolerances - nice! it fit the Nevegal 650B all the way forward & it measures in at 56mm wide even though it's listed as a 2.1" & it is a full 28" diameter!

i didn't have to do **** to it. it's all good - next step, please.

that's totally untouched. i nailed all four sides just like this. Money. next step, please.

chopping & ciphering. i love my Anvil fixtures.

Cody took a big hit & had to get a "lumpectomy." she had a lump that grew substantially while we were gone & we got it removed quick. she's all good now four days out, one damn tough dog for being 12!

that will get you through the day!

all of our christmas cactus are blooming, this color is my favourite. i think they look like sea creatures.

just trying to adjust to life back at home. it hurts allot going back into a wheelchair after over two weeks "free range" but it's all good. going slow on Jack's bike, but i'm worried that i'm rusty after the trip, but it is *TIGHT* it's just dead-nuts straight, too. sweet. back at it, lots of wheels to build, kits to select & frames to make - Steve.


devin said...

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy a bit of down time with the family!

planteo said...

I got a tough dog too! He was born in 1993, got torn to pieces on Butler ave by a truck that didnt even stop for him. A good citizen picked up my dog and took him to the vet. My dog bled all over the guys back seat, but he didnt even care he was just glad to help out because he saw the guy hit my dog and just keep going. Best recovery from the worst injury he had seen is what the vet said. Now my dog is sixteen and hanging strong. Still sees, hears, goes for walks and runs. He and Cody should hang out and swap good dog stories!
Good ol Jake!

Japhy rider said...

shred forth and conquer Yellow Dog!!!