Monday, November 30, 2009

Jack's 650B wrapped up.......

out of the dunktank, no polishing of any sort done yet........
ditto. i'm stoked.

same as the pic above, just add time, just subtract thumbs!

i think you either have to just paint the fillet or polish it all the way. i don't think you can do it half way and look at all good. i think you could just paint this bike & it would have looked OK!

checking out clearances. you could run a pretty short spindle on this rig for a tight "Q" factor.

all done - lights out at Coconino World HQ. thanks for reading! Steve.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the polished fillets makes my fingers hurt... Beautiful!
I really dig the gentle curve on that 650's top tube too.


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FelletBrazing said...

Damn Steve, your fillets are always inspiring. Just a few more thousand to go, and hopefully mine will be looking that good. Keep up the good work.

Sam Correa said...

Ditto on the TT curve. Very nice Steve.