Friday, November 27, 2009

Jack's 650B all brazed, got out for a ride!

Jack's frame is all brazed & man, i was on my game the day i brazed it up.
final clearance checks before brazing.

man - pretty much the whole frame came out like this - i'll post some de-fluxed pics when i finish work on it today.

I got out on a ride with Denise & the dogs {of course.} it was my first ride in well over a month, maybe almost a month and a half. i feel strong from rowing in the canyon, my shoulders felt pretty smooth, but my contact points definitely felt it.

a shot of the icy descent on Sunset trail. the one-off doesn't care about ice at all - totally non-sketchy.

that's it for now, y'all. i'm looking at a stout work day but i'll check back in soon - Steve.

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Cyclebound said...

I like the pink shirt. I am sure Cody was happy to get out on the trail with you. Have a good weekend.