Friday, November 20, 2009

catch up/"rest" day

i got Jack's 650B front triangle all tacked up. it will be a damn cool scoot - a 650B x 110mm travel "Lefty" fork.
seat tube assembly. it surprises me just how much work there is in this seemingly simple start to a bicycle.

tacking - an art unto its self!

man, taking a day off from metal work today, i have to knock out some parts quotes, figure out my taxes, talk to clients, build some wheels, order parts.........quite the "day off", huh? it all just comes with wearing all the hats as a solo business owner/craftsman. gotta get organised & then back at Jack's frame tomorrow - Steve.


sminch said...

Steve, I was wondering what the sleeve on the seat tube is for? Do you pull brass all the way through that? I have also noticed that you do it occasionally on you seat stays. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks, Wil

steve garro said...

longevity! i don't use brass, i use silver. i am able to keep my HAZ small enough through experience that i do not re-melt the silver. also, i think you are talking about my "segmented" stays - all my bikes {95%} have them. they are brazed from two pieces....