Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anthony's frame/ Denise's frame - right back into it!

Denise's frame is done - sorry for zero build pics, Denise doesn't care much how they are built, she just wants to ride them...........
Sometimes shop helper Barry QC'ing Anthony's frame.

Damn - that's badass! way classic "racing panels"

smooooth on both Spectrum & My accounts.

sweet seat tube junction. the spine of the bicycle.

topside showing the pin striping on the top of the toptube & the special Coconino "C" on the seat tube panel.

tight work, yo!

well, back at it full tilt. doing some tweaks on Jacks 650B/Lefty plans & jumping in with that, and then: Marzoff's bike {i hope - two years in & he's still deciding what he wants - give him shit if you see him, please......he's been bumped four times..} then: George D's "dirt roadster" frame & fork in classic style and look giving nod to English roadsters of yore & the fine work of Mike at ANT cycles. then, David S's full-blown-round-the-world 700c dirt tourer, Eric P's road frame & fork, and Stan G. tying up the "Next Five" also on the radar, Jay L.............. good to be back but hard and painful segue to back working in the chair - Steve.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

dig the panels. hot.

dRjON said...

that is beautiful! love it...
looks like a fair bit of extension of the head tube below the dt junction---for fork clearance?

steve garro said...

yep. knob clearance.

Idionycteris said...

Damn that is one pretty frame.