Friday, October 02, 2009

Oct. 09' -Anthony's frame started/some notes on warranty.

Anthony's blueprint - i've started on the manufacture of all the small parts in between finishing Robert's frame, which is on it's way to Spectrum Powderworks and some frame repair.
this poor bike had an incident involving high speed, night riding, and an immobile, it's here for repair - a dirty, labor intensive effort. yes, frames can be damaged. so far the very few i've seen of my bikes involve three things: cars, garage doors & hitting rocks or trees which don't move - none of which are covered by warranty. so what is the Coconino warranty? well - it's five years on tubing - if a tube just cracks from some manufacturing flaw in five years i'll fix it no charge. my handy work is covered for life - brazing and such. i build bikes to be ridden hard, so if one breaks then there has to be a reason. i broke almost every frame i owned, eventually, so i've pretty much seen it all. good steel bikes can be repaired, that's a good thing! so what if you hit a boulder? well, i charge you a totally reasonable shop fee, add parts and paint & stripping costs, and get your bike back to you. no drama ensues & i try to turn it around ASAP to get you back on your beloved Coconino.

my new late night shop buddy, Harry.

Barry needed a night light, so we made him one - sweet!

that's all for now - back to the grindstone - Steve.


jay said...

I'm no spider expert, but that one looks HUGE.

Also not dangerous (wolf spider right?), so it's cool he's your shop buddy. :D

Mimbres Man said...

Steve, you're still breaking bikes. I recall you had to send off your hand-cycle to get repaired. You're still 100%!