Thursday, October 22, 2009

new bikes & fall colors.

Robert's bike looks really nice........

this baby is going to Chattanooga, TN. to carve some Appalachian singletrack.

Mr. Moots left here a little happier then when he showed up!

i got out for a blustery ride with Denise. it was nice to be in the trees in between two trips that will be largely rock.

fall always feels too short.

Sally forges ahead on some damn nice trail.

it was like a billion little ornaments.

some trees were just on fire. that's all for now - quite the colorful post. more later on Denise's new 650B i'm sneaking in before we go on our trip on the 28th. Steve.


Pablo said...

Sickest paint job EVER!! I'm a sucker for orange bikes, but that color and pin stripes really look good. Post that up on mtbr and shake some dollars loose from people thinking about a custom bike.

aki said...

Orange bikes rule!

Looking forward to see D's new 650b bike, it should be so sweet.


Cameron Clark | C+K Studio said...

I can come Tuesday to photograph it, or maybe Sunday, if we are around. What do you think?

planteo said...

rad shots!
Love the billion ornaments!