Monday, October 26, 2009

last post for awhile - we are gone until Nov. 15th. Denise's new 650B/thanks for the Coconino action photos!!

Here id Denise's new 650B single speed. she already has a 650B and loves the wheel size but wants one with front suspension as she has been riding fully rigid for a few years now. it's going to have an 80mm travel Fox 29er fork.
all brazed up! reason for celebration! Denise will have four Coconinos fully operational - a 26" MTB, a 700c commuter, a 650B rigid MTB and a front suspension 650B MTB.

random shop shot - seat stay brace manufacture.

this is what 20 pounds of brass rod looks like.

i am making myself a "river foot" for rafting. here i am bonding on a grippy sole made from a worn out Pacenti Neo-Moto tire.

i got a pic from Keri of her bike & Christi's bikes out east of town on the AZ trail. i made the Orange bike a long time ago - i haven't done seat stays like that for over five years?

Shabir showing his bike to the locals in Vermont. they look pleased!

that's all for awhile, folks - we are rowing the Grand Canyon with the Barnettes & will be gone until Nov. 15th - wish us luck and we'll talk to y'all then - Steve & Denise.


Cyclebound said...

Looking good Steve. Dan looks disgruntled that Denise has a new frame. Denise looks stoked though. Have fun on the river and be safe.

aki said...

Yeah, it seems Dan needs to proceed his new 29er project right now. Very clean shape of rear triangle of Denise's 650b, these Coconino "sleeved ST & SS" rules! Which tubes for main triangle???

Have fun rowing in GC, the Garros!


Anonymous said...

One too many PBRs for poor Dan or perhaps he just didn't want yo uto steal his spirit.

Have a great trip! Good to see Denise up on Weatherford last week.