Wednesday, October 07, 2009

here's a bunch of stuff to check out - busy around here!!

Here's the start of Anthony's frame - sorry for the lack of updates - busy!!
sussing up all the clearances for the stays - tire, front derailleur, cranks, BB shell and chain rings......

all brazed up straight out of the dunk tank - clean!

checking fit - all good here.

all tacked with the current musical selection at time of photo.

late night clean-up shot. i tend to start metalwork after all my desk bound duties. i have allot right now, we'll see if i even make it to the shop today. i can't even see my desktop!

pics of Mark's bike all built up - badass!

very nice.
i sure like it when a pro photographer gets one of my bikes. his wife Mary has a Coconino MTB as well.

this rock problem has gotten me every time until now! one..........

with Eugene on the uni it was like a day at the circus. it must have turned heads for sure.

a wee horny toad.
i'm always really stoked to get customer riding photos - send more, y'all!! here's Dave of The Bike Hub in Wisconsin shredding on his 29er.

and Amanda's purple bike "grimace" hanging out in either CO or NV.

this repair is finished and at paint. like new!

lastly, a shot of our almost finished stone patio in the rain to show all it's great colors - what an awesome job Fermin and his crew did on it - more living space - awesome. well, that's it for now, and that was quite allot. thanks for reading, everyone. i'll check in before Friday when we go kayaking for our anniversary. Rock On, Steve.


Rody said...

Yo Steve-o, the patio totally rocks...can't wait to sit on the flagstone and have some homemade guac and chips with y'all.


Scoty in Salida said...

Amanda's Grimace was hanging out just north east of Salida on the topout of 181 to run Cottonwood. It's a bit fuzzy cuz she couldn't finish more the 1/4 of her mid ride beer.

HotDAMN the patio looks Wicked!

Mimbres Man said...

That patio is killer Steve! Enjoy!

devin said...

I like the pattio hope to drink a beer there some day sooner than later.

aki said...

Sweet patio, I can't wait for next summer!
Hope you have great anniversary, Steve & Denise!


PS 3+1 wheels are good, as well!!!

perryd said...

Happy anniversary!