Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a great trip to Lee's Ferry - lots of pics, none in order.........

we just got back from kayaking for four days with a bunch of friends for our anniversary! it was perfect.

Denise with our fresh dinner all ready to go.

quite a view from one of our camps.

Petito & Karin

just another piece of nature's art.

Condors upon high.

random pic. yes, i always look this crusty........


the Borlings in a borrowed pedal boat. it broke but they kept on with one set of pedals.

another quick catch and release over the side. we had some of the best fishing i have seen there in recent times!

Petito & Karin at four mile bar.

a little tiny Jeff.

Jimmy Gaun did a guest star appearance.

Denise had her best trip trout fishing ever - she rocked!

one for the pot! all fish over 12" must go back in the drink here. we only keep a very few, way less then our limit.

our beach side hobo camp. good times!

very nice!

Barry snags a nice one!!

fish on!
a Bighorn Sheep - the first i've seen in the gorge in my 33yrs here! they must be coming down from the Paria plateau. it's a little blurry because...........

this is how far away they were in that shot. they are right in the middle.

check the colors on this beaut.

my finest trout of the trip, i think. it's still swimming around in the Colorado River.

that's it for now - what a fine trip! it's hard to concentrate on work but i'm hard back at it. - Steve.


Ant Lockyer said...

Nice fishing Steve. What spinners were you using for those trout?

nalax said...

What a beautiful place. Must be great for the soul.

devin said...

Looks like fun I could go for another one of those good fish fry's..

aki said...

Great to see how the trout fishing in America treats his friends fishes!

Hope you and D have great time in late fall (or early winter)!


Mimbres Man said...

Nice Steve! Happy anniversary.

Cameron Clark | C+K Studio said...

I love trout.