Monday, October 19, 2009

finish shots of Anthony's bike.

man -i'm super happy with the way all the curves came out on this frame. it's all done by hand & eye, so no two bikes are ever the same.
profile shot.

never so many "O's" in smooooooth............

that's it for now - she went in a box and is going off to Spectrum Powder Works for some special lovin'. if you have never checked out Mark & Liz's work do so here: later! Steve.


mike said...

In the second picture what is the trike behind the frame?

Just curious



nierman said...

Handcycle w/26er in the rear is looking badass back there.

Anonymous said...

Lovely lines there. The frame just flows.
Cheers from Bisbee.

Anonymous said...

Lovely color! is that a RAL color?