Monday, September 28, 2009

wow, 2009 is winding down............and *important* customer updates.

Robert's frame - it's all tacked up and the dropouts have been brazed together in either the jig or the chainstay fixture, the seat stay brace has been fab'ed and tacked and a final alignment check for kicks. ready to be wire brushed, cleaned and wiped down with alcohol and then have the joints fluxed and all brazed up in one shot.
Bam! all brazed up, just like that. "framebuilding - so easy, even a cripple can do it!"

pretty damn OK........

during the polishing and sculpting process - almost there.

and just a little bit more - whew. i'm gonna wrap it today and send it off to Spectrum.

we got out in the woods yesterday and i cranked out a four hour grind. it was hard, pretty, hot and very, very dusty. my eyes are shot today.

i made the dogs walk behind me to cut down on the dusting i received.

sure was pretty, though!

portrait from Denise. i actually have no idea why she likes me, but i sure am lucky that she does!
that's all the pics for now - so, here's an update/forecast of my fall - we are going kayaking from the 10th to the 13th of Oct. for our anniversary { 8yrs }and then Oct 29th we are going on a 16 day Grand Canyon private trip with some of our best friends. so: here is what is up with bikes. Robert: yours and Anthony's {which is up next, like, today - i want it done when we go kayaking} which are going to Spectrum *MAY* show up at my house when i am in GC. this means you will not get them until mid-Nov. when i return. Jack B: we have to get the Lefty down. having it and the adapter here for the build would be *awesome* if possible. i would love to get your bike done & maybe even painted & out in between our trips. next is George D. i'll get your fork going before the GC trip and then build the frame upon returning. after George: Denise Garro, Marzoff {decide what you want!!} and then David S. and Ed M. you guys asked to be bumped a long time ago, you are up now and i'll contact you both - ditto to you both as well. then, waaayyyy out there are Eric P's frameset and Stan G. that's pretty much 2009 & maybe a tiny bit into 2010. current frame delivery is around May, 2010. Rock on, Steve.


Cyclebound said...

What's Denise going with for #4? If I had to guess I would go with geared, suspension on the front, 650b. Whatever it is I am guessing it will be sweeeeeet!

steve garro said...

geez, i think it's actually #7 or 8 at this point! one of her old frames holds up our mailbox now.....i used to build her a new one almost every year & then cut them up! Steve.

my said...

ooh! lets see some more of that contraption you've got sitting behind the frame in that second picture! is that the new whip you've alluded too!?!