Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sept 09'

just took a couple of days off here in Flag - i needed rest/exercise, bad!
went fishing with Petito today & we kicked ass! five Northern Pike & i caught at least ten Yellow perch of nice size. Petito got the biggest & made me promise to "blog" him......
i got a couple nice ones, too including one bigger then this & one smaller then this.

a pretty perch - we set everything loose but i found out that the perch are OK to eat so i'm gonna go get some big ones - they are delicious!

got out for a hand cycle ride up climb three & down sunset - it was hard as always and the downhill ripped even though it's very dusty here right now.

having fun with Sally!

Mark's project all set out - i actually have the fork almost done. i'll get full into the thick of it tomorrow - it's gonna be a cool bike. more later.

random shop shot - good livin'

that's it for now, y'all - thanks for reading! Steve.

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Anonymous said...

it looks like the dog's tail came off!