Monday, September 14, 2009

mid sept. 09' Pic-Tacular.

Mark's bike is looking really awesome. it's done. whew. that was quite a project. i figure it's a 28 3/8"er.........700 x 45 panaracer firecross tires.
finished fillet brazed seat tube. looking good!

the last step.

just how cool is that?

go ahead, you know you wanna copy this - go ahead! nothing in bikes is new or sacred.

damn, that's schweet. 34 tooth ring. low Q factor, too.

brookbank meadow.

a wee baby horny toad.

some dwindling flowers! here we have an Aster. i really dig this purple.

mystery yellow flowers

Denise checks out a nice Ponderosa. likely 10-12 feet in circumference

i actually rode trails with no tracks.........

how damn nice is that?

Aspens........what an absolutely perfect day.

don't disable yourself! so many do.

bending top tubes in the new bender. my bender runs off of tortillas & eggs!

afternoon incident. owwwww!

lastly, Doug helping engineer our new rural package mail box - it reminds me of something you would see in Pee Wee's Playhouse. i may have to find some googly eyes for the flag. that should do it for now! Steve.


Jason Alsvig said...

Copy? Ha! I'm gonna steal that shit!

Mimbres Man said...

Nice bike and post Steve!
Lots going on there!
Dark ages here.

nierman said...

Phil Wood BBs: Bling you never see... until now. Great stuff as always, Steve!

Justin said...

Just saw your bikes for the first time tonight searching for 29" cruisers. Very nice!!! Is your tube bender custom made?? I also love you music tastes! Jason Isbell, Supersuckers and I even saw Tom T. Hall jotted down on your notes! Excellent taste!!!