Monday, September 07, 2009

lots of things!

mark's bike is coming along, sorry for the lack of updates, i have allot of pokers in the fire right now!!!
the parts in the first pic will be joined to the parts in this pic today. this is gonna be a cool bike - dedicated cyclocross one speed race bike that will accept 45mm wide tires with mud room.

i also spent a whole fun day with Kyle & Shayne building up their new rides. they drove out from Texas with a pickup full of bike parts & built up their new Coconinos and rode them about northern AZ.

with rain almost every day from hurricane Jimena the trails are in awesome condition - possibly the best of the year. here, Cody does her best to ruin a shot of a pinedropseed, but it actually came out really cool!

the rains really greened up the forest, it was DRY.

i cranked up one of the rockiest, steepest trails on the mountain.....

doing a handplant to scoot around a rock and keep some momentum.

ripping it with faithful yellow dog in tow - one of the finest handcycle rides i can remember! as always, many thanks to Denise for going out in the woods with me! i'll post more when Mark's like looks like a bike - Steve.

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Kyle said...

Hey Steve, thanks again for the hospitality and the beautiful frames. Shayne and I had a great trip and love the bikes. The fit and ride are spot on. So far they've been to Flagstaff, Sedona, and Palo Duro Canyon. I'll send some more pics of them in action.