Saturday, September 19, 2009

checking in with all the goings-on.

Mark's frameset is back from paint already. fire engine red! i'll put up some sunny pics with the stickers, dropouts and headbadge before it goes in the box to be shipped Monday.
started a bike this morning for Robert. here's my 1st step - taking a piece of fish mouthed 4130 and turning it into a seat tube sleeve.

all parts minus the seat stays all scrubbed and inspected for flaws & ready to get the butting and bowing marked and set to be turned into a bicycle.

a detail shot of some of the fitting. tight is right!

fast forward and you have a front triangle. it's a 29er built for a 100mm front fork. this one will be going to Tennessee.

got out for a quick fishing trip with Petito & Barry for a fishing trip to upper lake Mary - about 10 miles or less from my house. it was a beautiful day!

we caught a big stringer of yellow perch up to 12" and some big pike which got thrown back after some great line peeling action. good frying pan size! i really dig the orange fins.

just out chillin' on the water with some guys i've known 20 years or so.

who should show up but Brock on a test ride in his new Grand Canyon rig. you could take this on any river in the world, no problem -as long as it's got enough water to float it! i used to work in the metal fab shop that makes frames & accessories for boats like this & others for rivers all around the world. that was the job that taught me that i could work on metal for hours and hours.

lastly, we have had these cats working on our new flagstone patio for quite awhile. i'll post some pics of them and their work when they complete it. they are floating one thin layer of stone on the slab & then joining another layer on top for long term durability. that's pro.

that's about it for awhile. i'm gonna get Robert's chainstays on tomorrow & then i must do frame prep & then box up a bunch of things to go out to folks and build some wheels. Denise is out of town and i gotta catch up on a bunch of stuff like dishes and showering! i get to go for a ride on Monday and on Tuesday i should get Robert's frame ready to braze. later, Steve.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, it still amazes me that a pile of metal on your table will soon become a kick ass bicycle frame. The patio is looking good too. Hope everything is going well.

Winter Bicycles said...

"like dishes and showering" least I'm not the only one. Its amazing they ever leave us alone, eh?