Wednesday, August 12, 2009

out of here until tues. 8/18 - cool stuff!

here we have Angry Bee from Osaka building his swank new rig! it's a 29er x 650B with a 135mm front hub so he can also run a 26" x 4" snow tire/rim. whoa. that's allot going on. i just like how it looks like it is kicking ass just sitting there - there's so many little touches on this that make it all one great package, including the Ti bars from Rody at Groovy Cycles and the stunning fork from Wade at Vulture Cycles. quite the badass collaborative work!
next, Kyle's bike which is currently at paint and should be a soothing blue upon our return from NM next week. what a classic bike. i have three 26" MTBs in a row to build right now.

Money Shot - all i did here on all eight faces was face the "U's" on the spearpoints. i'm likin' the new 45% silver allot!

the view out the back window of my shop of the sunflowers - we have thousands every year that we do no care or feeding of, just free. it's been dry so i'm sure that we won't break last year's record of 11' 4" free standing.

i got this cool/creepy/hairway to steven-esque picture from the Branches of young R. wearing a T-shirt i brought back from New Zealand in 1989. we printed up a bunch of Team Mutant shirts there with some locals on shirts from thrift stores, of which this was one.

the start of Shayne's 26" MTB. i actually got the front triangle all mitered up for when i return.

i got out on a super hard handcycle ride the other day too. man, i was cashed, 4+hrs of grim groveling on what i have begun to call "dog walks of pain"

by the time i got here both my sight & my thinking were mighty blurry.........

"rocking it" with Aki & John Z. i rode some hard stuff this day!

i just sent this slot, one wheel on each boulder.

Steve's eye view - my eyes were so full of pollen!

a Pine dropseed for Planteo.

now here's a bunch of freaks! Joe Murray, John Z, the NOD, Angry Bee & myself. i've done some crazy shit with each & every one of these cats! that's it for now, see you all after Tuesday. Steve.


creighton said...

See what happens when you ask for company!!!!

sweet sweet work bro!

the one shot of you coming through the tall grass recalls me and my german shepard pals running trough the wheat fields surrounding the family homestead playing hide and seek. we would all come home with raw faces, arms and legs from parting the rough seed heads and stems. Running as fast as we could!!

Peace and keep on truckin'


johncoe said...

overlook? to weatherford? handbike? yeesh!

Eric said...

Nice work, I love your blog. Btw, I saw Denise Garro on the start list for SSWC09. Are you by chance going to be around for the bike show the Thursday before?