Thursday, August 20, 2009

lots of cool stuff / ** next five builds - get ahold of me, people! **

whew - lots of stuff to share, including the build list for the next five frames, which i'll go over at the end of the thread. first, Tracey's sweeeeet new road bike. damn........
headbadge shot.

this is so cool! i just got a new three roll bender that will let me fine tune the radii of curved top tubes. i can operate it smoothly in a wheelchair with ONE ARM on 1.125" x .035" chromoly. here is good buddy Doug with his sample bend - not a ripple to be felt on the curve at all, except the 4" tails on each end.

Gooch gave us a drive by smiling on Coconino #69.

Shayne's front triangle getting an alignment check.

i do not use the alignment table to really bend frames so much as tell me what has to happen to ensure a straight frame - i wanted to emphasise this to people. in this picture i have marked where i want to put additional tacks with the frame in the jig to pull the frame where i want it to go.

i'm talking about moving it this much............

and here, with chain stays on - looking like a bike! gonna do seat stays tomorrow, i've already had a massage this morning and went to get a crotch to toe casting of my leg for a new walking brace & i'm gonna try to get ahold of the upcoming clients to confirm details

Kyle's frame back from paint. i'll post pics of it in the sun all decked out - it really pops!

OK - **next five builds** M. Hoover - you are in the hot seat. i'm starting your fork as soon as i finish Shayne's bike. R. Mingus - 29er w/100mm front fork. vertical disc, no? Simon Z. - 29er, 100mm shock, vertical disc. Anthony Ramirez - same thing. J. Brunk - same thing, !!! i need your measurements page filled out, thanks!!!, and lastly, just to put it on the radar, G. Deckey's 700c roadster & fork. thanks for all your patience, guys. you all rock. that's all for now, and i think that was quite allot! Steve.


Kyle said...

Looks awesome Steve! The color turned out great.

Can't wait to swing a leg over it!

Sabrosa Cycles said...

lovely three roller. hot!

devin said...

I've got one of those vintage green shirts..