Sunday, August 02, 2009

Jeff's bike ready to go out, Kyle's moving right along, TIRED!!

Jeff's 29er back from paint & soon to be sent off to Santa Fe, NM. nice orange!
the beginning makings of the rear triangle.

fast forward to the stays cut to raw length, slotted & spearpointed and chucked up in the fixture for brazing the dropouts.

a zero cleanup braze straight out of the dunktank. i've been using a different silver alloy and flux on stainless steel parts & i'm very happy with the results so far!

a nice tight fit all around all tacked up.

all bolted down for a thorough alignment check - very nice! this is gonna be a 26" wheeled MTB built around a 100mm travel Magura fork & it will be going to live in Texas.

just the seatstays left before brazing! i think that other then some packing and shipping & receiving that i'm gonna take the day off! i'm tired and my body hurts from some long days in the chair and i want to feel good for tomorrow as it will be the first opportunity for me to go hand cycling in quite some time. more later, thanks for reading & all your collective patience! Steve.


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog alot because I really like watching what you build. I also like you showing what your listening to, but I can't tell who this one is....could you tell me this?

Kyle O said...

Looks awesome Steve. Cannot wait for it to be finished.

Thanks for posting the pictures of the build!


steve garro said...

yo, Chris: glad you like the guerilla music reviews! it's PJ Harvey, "rid of me" - stick that on youtube & check out the live solo clip of her doing that song at the big day out......Steve.

Aki said...

What a Beautiful these orange Coconinos!

I call it "Coconino Racing Orange" and love so madly for their freshness...

See you on Friday at Coconino World HQ, my friends!