Saturday, August 29, 2009

feeling much better on many accounts!

first, my eye feels MUCH better. ahhhhhh.......... second, i got Shayne's frame all done! this is critical as he & Kyle are gonna be here on Thursday to build their bikes up.
and, i got out for my first real exercise since i think the 9th of this month - it felt great and harsh all at once. the flowers may be waning, but if conditions persist we may be up for some of the best fall colors in a few years!

conditions are dry - you can barely tell that it rained really hard just a couple of days before - the ground just soaked it all up.

creeping through the ferns being herded by Sally Dog in the Pain Sled. i'll sure miss her someday, i hope not soon, what a great companion!
climbing up the mountain with Fremont Peak in the background.

as soon as it freezes the ferns change overnight. the first of the fall colors!
gotta re-group in the shop today after the push through the last two frames & i'm gonna start putting together M. Hoover's frameset - it's gonna be eclectic & not quite like anything yet............ Steve.


Kyle said...

Glad the eye is better! Thanks so much for all your hard work on both frames. Looking forward to Thursday and building them up.

See you soon and thanks again!

Japhy rider said...

i'll keep my ears on a for an eyewash station/drinking fountain for your shop. we've got them all over the labs. they're terribly handy.

maybe a "### DAYS SINCE LAST ACCIDENT" sign for good humor too.

so happy to hear you're doin' alright man. any chance you'll be around in Sept. after the SSWC in Durango? we'll probably swing through Flagstaff on our way home and I'm hoping to stop by and say HI.