Wednesday, August 26, 2009

easing back into it........

i got back into the shop for the first time since my eye injury yesterday after putting out fires in the office for the better part of the morning. my eye definitely isn't 100% and still hurts but it's allot better. anyhoo, here's Shayne's bike all brazed up.
i brazed this whole bike with a new brass/nickle rod from Aufhauser - pretty nice! more fluid then Gasflux C-04. it will take a little getting used to, but i'm very pleased.

that's not so bad, is it?

seattube junction before........

and after. that's all for now, i feel allot better about the timeline on this project now & may actually try to get out & get some exercise for awhile today, it's been a loooong time. thanks all, Steve.

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Merkle said...

Good to know about the Aufhauser rod. But honestly I think you could use a coat hanger and have good results.