Monday, August 24, 2009

down but not out!

just got back from having a rust particle removed from my iris - no fun! it's lost me a few day's productivity, but i should still be able to deliver the goods on time - Kyle & Shayne, i'll be back at it tomorrow & i'll get your bikes done for your road trip out here. it may be tight, but i'm gonna hit it hard tomorrow & get it going on - the frame is fully brazed & "just" needs polishing and braze-ons and paint........ i was wearing full eye protection when it happened but somehow the metal particle got in there anyway - it was better then when i had my eyelid lanced in 03' to remove the flux shard! framebuilding = a hard dangerous job - the glamour wears off fast & it's not for everybody. anyhoo, here's a pic of better times, a fat 17"er i got at Luna Lake last week. pics of Shayne's frame tomorrow night, Steve.


Kyle O said...

Hey Steve,

Glad to hear you're going to be ok. Take care of yourself first. Keep us posted, and we'll hope to see you next week.

Margo said...



Gotta respect the eyes. Knowing you a tiny little bit and your history around injuries: you need like full body armor!! Or maybe a flame/flux/rust particle proof space suit.

BikeHutt said...

Man, I know that hurts. I ripped the old cornea while hauling ass down a trail in Copper Canyon. Serious pain. And I had to drive 50 bumpy miles back to a mexican hospital. Good times.
All the best amigo.