Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jeff's frame coming together.

as it sits post brazing - i'll polish the whole thing down on Saturday & should get it to paint on Monday. a light frame for a light guy & effortlessly straight too.
a side view in front of Denise's fleet.

some very clean brazing on the headtube joints. that will clean up really quick. when you get good enough at brazing that all you edges just flash to a near molecular level it sure speeds up you finish polishing!

chasing the BB shell's threads - almost zero distortion. i then dummied up a shimano crankset and it fit perfectly. you gotta like that. this bike is a 29er that is going to live in Santa Fe, NM. this is bike #178, and Jeff also owns bike # 38, a 26er, which i think he's had since 03'? enjoy! gonna try & go boating tomorrow, rain allowing...............Steve.

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