Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jeff's bike going to paint, *more flower pics by popular request!!*

Jeff's 29er all polished up decked out with a full compliment of braze-ons. just about every bike i've been doing lately has used full length cable housing. i like that. little cable contamination due to dirt & grease getting into the open ferrules, and, i'm getting really good at brazing tiny "O's" together..........off for a layer of dark orange with clear top coat.

yet another brazing shot.......

Saturday i was really tired and was really stoked when it worked out that that was a good day for Nate to come over and build his new 650B. he stopped over after an initial test ride yesterday and the ride review: "dialed". he's got 26" & 29er bikes too { from Vulture cycles and Me, respectively} so it will be cool to get his long term input.

you would not believe - unless you are one of them - how many requests i get for "more flower pics!" so here you go, a real weird one. i thought it was another species of orchid but Good Buddy Planteo said thusly: ............. Cool! You found pinedrops! Pterospora sp. A member of the monotropaceae the Indain Pipe Family!! A hemiparsite.
I usually see them when they are bloomed out. They look like a stick of wood with dried christmas ornaments on it.
I rarely get to see them in bloom.
cool shot. Ted.

a closer view........i'm gonna try to get a close-up when the little flowers all open.

this is the orchid C. maculata in fruit.

a nice grove of Monarda - wild Oregano. it smelled AWESOME.

Denice talking with the Columbines.

there are white geraniums and reddish-purple geraniums, and on just one spot i see white ones with purple veins.......cool. the leaves are less pointy too.

cruising around looking at some deer's ears.

here's Gus about to rip my face off. just kidding! he wouldn't do that. more later, starting on Kyle's bike next. Steve.


BreViVelo said...

Pinedrops looked kind of medicinal to me so I googled it. seems it was good for lung and nose.
bleeds. edited From Steven Fosters - A field guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs
Giant Birds Nest, Pinedrops.

(sic) Sticky stems reddish brown, with clammy hairs, unbranched, upright to 1-4ft......
USES: The Cheyenne prepared a solution from the stems and berries for bleeding from the lungs, it was snorted for nosebleed. Keres Indians used the plant to induce vomiting. Thomson Indians used root to treat gonorrhea. As a folk remedy, the plant was used for pluerisy and skin eruptions.

Margo said...

dude the cat looks serious. watch yerself.

steve garro said...

damn! i better pick some of that for when Gus rips my face off to quench the bleeding or just in case i get the clap! thanks for the heads-up, BVV! Steve.

Jason Alsvig said...

I agree with Margo about the cat. Looks like he might have been giving you a verbal warning along with the tweaked ears and mean brow.

sminch said...

It was pretty sweet to read about your stomping ground in the latest Mountain Bike Magazine. If I ever get out West, I will check it out. Seems a lot like our Kingdom Trails!