Tuesday, July 14, 2009

first ride in awhile / Jeff P's frame coming along.

i got out on a much needed ride the other day. i was feeling pretty caged! i got to see this, the first albino loco weed i have ever seen.
we also saw some very elegant deer's ears. these are some of my favourite plants, and last year there were only a few despite good amounts of moisture - maybe they are biannual?

here's a little closer shot - as you can see, all kins of insects think this is some seriously good stuff!

finally, a close detail of one of the hundreds of flowers on each stalk.

a flagstaff penstemmon......

the Sego lilies are out! there are sooooo cool, especially in meadows by the hundreds!

a thistle.......

i got to ride in some grand aspen groves - what a treat.

it was quite cool & plush within.....

kickin' out Jeff's bike.......looking good & feeling light - i don't build many 29ers for people who weigh 120lbs.

super cool new gizmo! this thing is seriously great. Jeff at Sputnik tool made it. both H2O holes all lined up right where you want them, fast.

as it looked this morning........more later, gonna try and hit the lake tomorrow, weather allowing! Steve.


Jason Alsvig said...

That H2O hole thingy is pretty cool.

And no curved TT on Jeff's frame? Lightweight butted goodness?


Anonymous said...

Green is good, send some rain our way, por favor.

Always nice to see you alive and vibrant.

Are you vibrant?