Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shabir's bike/a ride high on the peaks.

Shabir - sorry for the lack of photo documentation so far! i got the fork done & it looks great! i was fixating on it's manufacture to the extent that i didn't take any pics. i actually have all the main tubes all mitered and i'm gonna get pretty far on it today - more pics, i promise.......
a photo of a still hot silver braze on the seat tube sleeve. nailed it. the sleeves are made here in house from 8' lengths of crom-moly aircraft 4130 steel. your entire weight is riding on this junction & i've seen enough perfectly good frames ruined because of too little material in this junction of multiple tubes, or because of distortion from the joining method being reamed out leaving a very thin wall............

Yael came by to overhaul her wheels i built her nine years ago when she was an employee of mine at Sinagua Cycles. her shop penance was to have to re-fill the grease guns. ready for nine more years!

went for a great/strenuous ride high on the San Francisco peaks the other day. it was IDEAL conditions! check that out........

Cody leading the way on the approach.

and then you bust out into this.........sucky, huh?

we saw a bunch of these little guys. they open up into a downy tuft. no idea what they are.

Bristlecone Pine.

a close look at some really great lichen. the boulders were encrusted with all colors of them.

it's a tiny forest. i'm lichen it.

the wild native Iris were in full force. they are a good few weeks late, it's been a cold spring. these guys are usually out in mid-may.

Denise said she had a great day. my route was so steep she found it comical at times & laughed at me. i WAS totally tapped out afterwards!

we found a big bed where a bear had laid down and pulled out a bunch of his winter hair. the cinnamon color of black bear are common around here. the doggies thought this was *really* cool & sniffed it really hard and rolled in it.

beginning to run out of "trail" grass is great on the one-off. excellent traction & no dust!

what a great view of Sitgreaves mtn. on the left and Kendrick peak on the right. Kendrick is over 10,000ft tall, so i know we were pretty high up.

Steve's eye view.

there always comes the time where we must return. it was a fast ride down.

that's it for now. more on Shabir's bike, probably tonight. thanks again, faithful 10 readers! Steve.


Tomas said...

Bikes and Bear Fur... Cool!

michael slater said...

One of the things I envy most about your rides is how your dogs are free to free-roam alongside with you. What joy!

steve garro said...

yes, it is a cool thing & i enjoy those two knuckleheads as much as i can every day! they are both around 12yrs. but still going pretty well, stiff & tired afterwards, but so am i......Steve.

Mimbres Man said...

Cool post Steve!

Pablo said...

dude i just love, love that pacenti crown - sweet looking fork

Good Oak said...

The Little flowers with the downy tufts are called prairie smoke. Some crazy westerners call them "old man's wiskers", but all the cool kids call them prairie smoke. A favorite plant for native landscaping around here in WI.

-Frank (husband of Carol and her purple Coconino).