Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shabir - your bike is done. Dave - yours is coming along. and a nice ride among the flowers. updates on built frames & next five builds.

yours truly hand filing brazes. fun stuff!
modifying braze ons - i have to tack them with brass & then clean them up and silver braze them to the top tube.

off she goes to paint.

shazam! back from paint just like that. "melon yellow" with gold sparkle topcoat. haven't seen it in full sun yet, as well.........we haven't had any. it's still not summer here yet. odd, that.

fast forward many hours and a few beers later and with some help from friends it's ready to roll. man, this thing looks SWEET & purposeful. Shabir - get ahold of me about a shipping destination. off to Vermont!

at the same time, i am working on Dave's frame destined for Wisconsin. i hope to get it to paint before i well, go to Wisconsin. i have to at least get it brazed up. we'll see. can't hurry detail work or it will bite you in the is my trusty mill that i often think of as my robot co-worker. attack, robot - attack!!!

that's what i'm talking about. i mitered 50 bikes totally by hand and me, my elbows and shoulders do not miss it at all.

bitchin' new H2O bottle jig from Sputnik Tool - awesome! what a clever little widget. instant love & spot-on hole placement.

chain stays and dropouts all fixtured - got them brazed too.

front triangle all tacked - all this bike work on both rigs was yesterday & man - i am really tired. didn't sleep more then a few hours last night, after working about a 14 hour day. that's a long day on your ass. not sure if i'm gonna even look at the shop today.

went on a great two and a half hour ride the other day mostly just to look at flowers and get a little exercise. nice to get out!!!

gorgeous Iris - these are usually gone in mid May - it's been that cool out.

an indian paintbrush.

manyflowered gromwell - pretty.

the forest sure is nice this year. we only saw our two friends Bryce & Kristina all day.

great ferns!!

lastly, an albino lupine. i estimate they are amout 1: 10,000 to purple ones in the forest - cool!

OK - now that you all got through all of that here's the current build status - Nate: your frame should show from Spectrum before i leave on the 24th. Aki: at paint. Shabir: will ship. Dave: will at least be brazed before i leave. *** next five builds out of twenty-three: *** finalise your bike concepts, folks.........1: J. Perner. 2: K. Olsen. 3: J. Marzoff. 4: R. Mingus. 5: M. Hoover. i'll be here until the 24th & then gone until the 6th of July. thanks, all - Steve.


Jason Alsvig said...

There sure are some great looking ferns on the hill this year. I went up Saturday and saw some ferns where I didn't expect (on super fly). Great little silvery drops of water all over the place. Semi-stormy weather. A few elk here and there. Cool.

Then I crashed on jedi and stabbed my ear with a branch. Awesome. Put no damper on the ride though...

devin said...

Must have been a Sith tree..

Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, have fun in Wisconsin. We'll have to get together when you get back. Take care.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Man - I dig the fork and the custom braze-ons. Nice.