Saturday, June 13, 2009

mid June 2009 megapost.

ORCHIDS!!! this is Corallorhiza maclata - spotted coralroot. although quite common the flowers are only fully open for two days - quite the rare treat!! i was pretty stoked. Coconino county has 13 species of orchids.
here's the whole plant to give some scale. they lack chlorophyll, which is why they are red, and are parasitic to the fungus which lives symbiotically with pine trees to help them process food through their roots.

the Lupine are *going off!*

here is a tiny baby Horny Toad so small it could perch easily on a nickle.

quite a nice portrait of blackdog Sally. she is really great company & still going strong at 12, although it seems like she has been 12 for quite awhile...........

random drylake hills shot looking down into the valley where little bear trail is.

as always, a solo grovel..........i sure am glad my lovely wife enjoys getting out in our forest with me. i am way lucky in that aspect - been becoming quite the recluse as of late.

fun with yellowdog!

brazing detail shots for Shabir & all. i'm gonna hit this thing hard tomorrow & get it off to paint along with Aki's bike. i'm not solid on the color - if you get this, Shabir, fill me in..........Nate's bike should return from Spectrum soon, too - there's been a lack of painted bikes to show lately!

flowy stays, track ends, derailleur hanger, bottle opener & lugged fork. this is full build too, so i'll get to see it from conception to completion.

nailed that, yo. i'm starting to get the hang of this brazing thing........

lacing some 40* tandem wheels in the Casa De Garro. Velocity Dyads to Phils.

i wonder if i'm ever going to get over burning myself? more tomorrow or the next day as i polish Shabir's bike up, and going riding Monday. thanks for reading ya'll, i really appreciate all the shout-outs! Steve.


Anonymous said...

Here's a shout out Steve--flowers and bikes, two great subjects worthy of much contemplation and exegesis. Many of our wildflowers are gone bye but the black locust trees are in full bloom. On the bike front I've rebuilt a few old mountain bikes and have a small myata I'm turning into a single speed my niece. But boy am I fired up for that coconino. Can't remember when I was more psyched for some thing. Maybe that first climbing rope. Great photos. --Shabir

vulture said...

Sadoff put a nice post about you onoveropinionated...Also try a cooking arm sock for wrist protection. Brazes looks sweet as usual.

perryd said...

Dang nice pics of the local flora. I'm usually to stressed trying to keep up with gullo to notice these things in my own woods.
So thanks for noticing for me and, as I seem to always say, keep on rockin'.


wade said...

by the way it's mid June, try not to steal a month now!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Heya Steve, superb shot of the orchid....we saw a small bunch bloomin yesterday bottom of gimpies gully, complete with some good Garro stories on the ride.
Check out Sera Cahoone if ya haven't already, I think you will like her sound. Neko Case meets Mazzy Star, good stuff.

steve garro said...

damn Wade - you're my sense of time is totally eroding after being self employed for ten years! Steve.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

hot damn. great looking brass.

Eric said...

I burned myself at work yesterday. Been a welder 11 years now, and I still do it.
Anyway, I love looking at your blog. I'm on my 6th frame and your work is what I shoot for. Keep up the good work:)