Wednesday, June 24, 2009

final build shots of Shabir's bike, Dave's all brazed. out of here until July 7th.

man, this bike came out really purty - the lines really work for me. it sparkles like crazy in the sun, but it's still cloudy every time i try to shoot a pic of it.
Pacenti fork crown & full length housing on all the cables.

flowing organic curves make it look like it's hauling ass just sitting there.........

mostly Deore XT with hand laced wheels.......quite the whole enchilada.

Dave's seatstays all bent & ready for mitering.

fast forward to the final pre-brazing alignment check. all good!

cleanly brazed! sorry i didn't get this done before my trip, Dave. i'll put it in the fast lane when i return. thanks for you patience!!!!

head tube junction still cooling down.

that's it for now, ya'll. i'm off to re-charge my batteries until the 7th of July to see Denise's side of the family in Wisconsin. catch you all when i get back. thanks for reading!! Steve.


jay said...

That's a very beautiful bike, sir.

Mimbres Man said...

V-brakes! A bicycle after my own heart!

Hanna said...

Damn you Steve - You've just created a beauty, and quite possibly the new love of Shabir's life. I thought I was the center of his universe, but I think I'm about to be pushed out of the inner circle . . . I better start saving for my own Coconino.
(Shabir's lovely wife)

Japhy rider said...

"i got me little rig i'm always operatin" SHB

Sam Correa said...

great bike!

perryd said...

Dude, I totally had the chance to get my picture in the Coconino Cycles shirt with these two lesbians dressed as naughty police officers on St. michael blvd in paris, but I was too beat down to think of it at the time. Fail. Sorry, bro.

I was holding when I posed with the Royal With Cheese.....