Sunday, June 07, 2009

a couple of pics of Shabir's frame.

Shabir's "monstercross" is coming together.......basically a 29er/700c bike made to ramble comfortably wherever he wants to ramble.......on road, off road, trail. i think it's looking damn sweet, the lines really work for me. i had to get these pics off my camera, it's doing weird things.........i think a piece of grit or metal is lodged in the telescoping HAS outlived three ghetto boxes! the shop is a harsh environment for electronics.
brazing the drop outs in place. it sure is great to have proper fixturing {and lots of tubing!} when making a living out of this.

a macro shot of the chain stay fit straight off the mill. it doesn't get much tighter then that. that's money, yo.

trying to get my ass in gear this morning...............had a great day at work yesterday until about 4PM, then my body started to fall apart. super nerve pain - i couldn't feel anything but fuzzy extreme pain below the knee on my right - my back and abs {at least the ones that still work} started cramping, and i started getting electrical shocks to my feet with spasms in my feet & stabbing pain in my hips. arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!, we went out to meet friends at dinner. it went just OK until i went to the bathroom and didn't come back - i felt so bad after climbing some stairs i just sat in a big comfy chair in the lobby of the Monte V until Denise found me......ah, the life of an incomplete spinal cord injury. didn't sleep much, either. oh well, gonna pull my shit together & try to make some headway on current projects. maybe i've been running too do what you can with what you got, i reckon. Steve.


Anonymous said...

all that pain--what a bummer. classy lines on that bike and some damn tight joinery as one might say in woodworking. another satisfied customer I'm sure.

Winter Bicycles said...

You used "ghetto blaster" and "that's money, yo" in the same post. Bonus points to Mr. Garro.

Japhy rider said...

UF-DA! i'm bringing some urban "farmhouse ale" - seasonal (Saison) shop homebrew - down to the Dell ASAP. hang on!!!

killer mitering.