Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nate's 650B & cool pics from cool people.

here's Nate's 650B as it currently sits - just needs seat stays and it's ready for brazing. i started the mitering on it day before yesterday after final polishing and braze-ons on Keri's bike and sending it off to paint. long day in the shop yesterday - that kicks my ass, well, sitting on my ass that long........
i was in such a build frenzy that i only snapped this one shot! a great fit & great tacks - i consider tacking an art unto it's self - try it out! it's hard to do a fast, accurate precise tack on two different thicknesses of metal.
here is Danette on her new Coconino in Canyonlands Natl' Park - awesome!

tell me that doesn't look like fun, huh?
John sent me a pic of his 29er cruiser "hanging out" near the shores of Lake Michigan.
lastly, a shot of my great friend Barin Beard, aka "mimbres man" flying the colors over the Caribbean near his home in Venezuela. sweet, Barin!

thanks for reading, ya'll - i'm gonna coffee up & go for a ride today. i'm stoked. it actually looks like i'm gonna have a great day for riding. ciao for niao, Steve.

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michael slater said...

Hi there. Do you bend the tubing yourself? Or where do you get it from? It's done with a mandrel?