Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mid-may 2009 - Nate's frame, Angry Bee's frame, Shabir's frame/fork - upcoming builds.

Nate's 650b ALL DONE..........
seat cluster detail......smoooooth.

it's gonna be interesting to see how this post sorts out - blogger place pics all over my screen again! hopefully it all makes sense........anyhoo, here's Nate's 650B all done & ready to go to Spectrum Powderworks to get some fancy treatment, like getting the logos painted on, and who knows? it's sure to look sweet, no matter what. all the special project paint schemes they have done for my clients so far have been really special!

some shots of the detail work on Nate's frame, along with the tools of the trade. i use gradually smoother & smoother files, finally working down to sandpaper. i like doing my polishing by hand {at least 90%} i just get allot of satisfaction out of it, i like the look vs. machine grinding, and it gives you wicked arm pump!

here is Angry Bee's frame at conception. AB lives in Osaka, Japan. this frame is designed around a 465mm axle-to-crown fork that will accept either a 29er wheel or a 26" wheel with a giant 4" sand/snow/slime tire with a 650B in the back. this is gonna be quite the build...........and, here is the
front triangle all tacked up!

seat tube detail shot - the ST on my frames extends all the way through the ST sleeves i make and center the ST clamp, which rests on the shelf/stepdown created where the ST exits the sleeve. it's painted too, and AB liked the look.

good buddy Dan has been working on a frame with my help for awhile & i got the triangle brazed up yesterday. he's gonna polish this 1st & then we'll add the rear end. his Voodoo is woefully short in the cockpit & has bad toe overlap, and is sketchy on singletrack as a result.......

some hot from the torch brazing shots. these will be pretty easy to polish - i shoulda made it harder on him!

lastly, Shabir's project. a "supercross" 700c with a lugged fork. more on this project later - still waiting on a steerer tube.

that's it on the currently ongoing projects this week. **here's a list of the next five upcoming builds** get ahold of me people! i'll do the same: J. Perner, K. Olsen, J. Marzoff, R. Mingus, S. Zmyslinski. also, thanks for the deposits this week from: J. Hoppman, J. Stromburg, J. Brunk, S. Buchika. many thanks, all, & thanks for reading! Steve.


aki said...

Really exciting about TT curve of my frame. Sooooo sweet, can't wait till summer!

Good to know that Dan works on his 29er frame. Building very own bike is one of the best way to enjoy (and know) biking.
Steel, flame and file... enjoy, my friend!

-Aki AKA Angrybee

creighton said...

Yer the hardest working man in show Biz!!! sweet sweetie work YO!!.. Damn thats some cool love Steve..

Sail on.. C