Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lee's Ferry - a fine time!

I'm not really sure why blogger set up my pics this way, but here you go! we had a spectacular trip to Lee's Ferry on the Colorado River for my 41st birthday - what a fine time! weather was perfect, 90's during the day, 60's at night, not many people, great fishing & good company. very relaxing, a re-charge i needed allot...........
here's the whole gang: Denise, Barry & Jeff. the usual crew......not many have the desire or the gear to paddle upstream and fish & camp. you need a sea kayak and the want to go - that's all, really. there are no fees and few rules.......
Steve's eye view.

denise enjoying the sun, fine views & cool water.

we like when they start getting up to paddle blade size.

the emerald waters are very enticing, and really, really cold

Jeff paddling off solo a day early.
one for the skillet!
a tiny male all decked out in breeding colors - gorgeous! high hops for this little guy, as we saw some huge male trout.
a seeping spring along the river creating hanging gardens.
Barry in a nice drift.
a beautiful pink stripe on this rainbow. each fish is really beautiful at the ferry in different ways. some are really pink, some are dark with spots, and some are a very flashy silver.

a claret cup hedgehog cactus in bloom

the view from camp as the day winds down.

yep. another one.
our beautiful Longhaul Mark 2 at a de-luxe lunch break.

purty! that's it for now - sorry for the screwy format! i'll get that fixed. Steve.


Japhy rider said...

happy birthday Garro!

Anonymous said...

Nice guys! Looks real nice-we'll do it together some day. Joe & Steph

Craig Ryan said...

Awesome! That's a whole nother kind of fishing.

Jon said...

Right there looks like about all you need in life! I want to go.

aki said...

Happy birthday to you, Steve!

Good to know that you had great time up by the river as well. I checked out how Trout fishing in America is nice.


Sabrosa Cycles said...

I have done some boat rigging at lee's ferry and there is nothing quite like 120 degree weather mixed with 50 degree water. I always get about knee deep and rethink things before going for the full body plunge.
Happy birthday man.

creighton said...

Happy Birthday SteveYo!!! Hey.. what you using to prepare those beauty fillets? ;)

Cheers! I am lifting one to you my friend!


Andrew Campbell said...

Happy birthday, Steve, from the Bronx crew. And what great pictures... looks like a good time was had by all, except maybe that fish that ended up in the skillet. I'm sure it tasted good.


Cyclebound said...

Hey Steve, happy belated birthday. It looks like you guys chose an awesome way to celebrate the big 41. Cheers!