Saturday, May 23, 2009

just checking in.

getting some work done on Aki's bike - had to spend a whole day a couple of days ago just sorting out build kits & custom wheels for the upcoming bikes. here's a nice closeup of some hand filed spearpoint goodness.
and here's a blurry pic of the post brazed product. N. AZ. decided it was going back to winter for a little while & i actually had the door closed & the heat on and the light was low as there was little sun - all this after a week in the high 80's.

starting to look like a bike!

look, Aki - here are some of your "friends" having their way with you new Vulture fork! Dan is over afterhours working on his frame project, and Gullo is providing "moral" support...........yeah, right.

i managed to get in a ~ 2 hour ride in last week before the rain started - barely. here is Denise proving that she really IS a tree hugger. that's a nice Ponderosa Pine.

Orion Springs flowing cold & clear.
off-road hand cycling is a lonely sport. not too many clubs, chat groups, magazines or fellow riders........

our weather window closed rapidly!

pointing it towards the car - nice trail!

saw these four young bull elk in someones yard as we were leaving the forest. they are still in velvet, and their racks are still growing. check out the mutant atypical rack on the one on the right - i wonder where that's going. i'll have to keep my eyes out for him this summer. that's it for now, all. gonna try to get Aki's seat stays all sussed up & maybe his frame brazed tomorrow. later, Steve.


aki said...

Yeeeeeeeeeah, les Trois Mousquetaires!

Red Pepsi made the fat 4 inch tire to the white ribon, what a Kool Aid we drank!

Awesome frame details, can't wait to ride on my new coconino with my friends in town, thanks very much for cool pix. I really love them!

-Aki AKA Angrybee

perryd said...

Is gullo auditioning to be a Tecate model?