Wednesday, May 06, 2009

a fine day for a ride!

here i am grinding it out at one of the several cruxes on climb three. a great day to get out!
i am always grateful that Denise likes to get out in the woods with me......... i value our time together out in the woods very much!

taking the 1st corner on Sunset Trail pretty hot - i made it with one wheel in the air sliding sideways - fun! in my new life i don't get to go fast very often. i figure i hauled ass everywhere i went for 37 years, slowing down for the second half is OK.

the bottom half of Sunset was still nice & moist and plush & the stream alongside the trail is flowing still. doggies love that.

quite the peanut gallery watching to make sure i clean this spot - i did!

thanks for reading! gonna have breakfast & go back to building frames today. rock on, Steve.

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