Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aki's bike/nice trails.

Aki's bike all de-fluxed out of the dunktank & bolted down for it's post-braze alignment check - it came out really straight. i've gotten some ribbing from other builders about my "obsessive" alignment table use, but it makes me feel better, and if you have it, use it, right? also, in the back ground is Aki's "fat fork" made by wade at Vulture Cycles.
looking good, Aki!

i give myself an A+ on this BB junction. that's money, yo.

Steve's eye view of an afternoon thunderstorm rolling in over the peaks. it's been raining almost every day.

got out for a quick ride the other day & hope to get out today, too. this was at about 10am and it was already building.

the Lupines are busting out, quite early i think, due to the extra moisture. so, all the "post more flower pics!" people rejoice - it aughta be an awesome flower season, and i'll post a bunch!

riding up some sweet trail with some stoked dogs.

here it comes.............
a great pic showing the flow of time. everything around us is moving, just too slow for us to perceive it...........
ripping it up on tacky trail!

pin balling off rocks with my rooting section. i've ripped my shoes off before.

that's it for now. i'm going biking today, and probably boating/fishing tomorrow weather allowing, and i have six wheels to build which i'll squeeze in in between. thanks for reading, ya'll. Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Angry Bee is getting a sweet bike!

Great pic of the tree in the rock.

There's that beagle again...what up with him?

aki said...

Greeting from Osaka, Mimbres Man!
Yep, I'm sure Steve did really nice job for me.

I will pick up the new Coconino while upcoming my summer vacation. It's so nice to visit the town where my good friends hang around.


Jason Alsvig said...

Oh, yeah. Definitely don't use that alignment able too much. Your frames will be too straight. So straight that the rider will think there is something wrong with it. After riding the bent whatever for so long it'll screw with 'em.

If I had one I'd use it for everything. Frame alignment, shoe lace alignment, printing press run sheet alignment, mental alignment....everything.