Sunday, April 19, 2009

updates on stuff & things.........

Danette's frame all done & ready for paint - Sally approved!
Trent stopped by with a couple of his rigs - here's his couple-of-years old touring rig..........

and here is his 5-6yr old 1-speed. this bike has been very well used.

......and out on the trail here is Lex on the maiden voyage of her new bike.

here's an up-close shot for ya - copper penny with gold topcoat.
got out for a handcycle ride with Darol - i was out almost five hours! i'm tired today.......

what a clear, nice day!

lastly, a shot from Mc D's house of him building up his new frame. i'll post more pics when i get 'em. rock on, Steve.


devin said...

Great looking frames and it looks as if the weather is good for some time out on those wheels..

Have fun and keep the wheels turning..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve! Very cool to be on the trail with you and that you got to see the first ride of my excellent bike. Rode Phil's World yesterday and the bike was sweet! The frame is so small that one guy who saw it actually said "hey, cool 29-er".

Japhy rider said...

Steve! great work with my new frame, I love it! i will call it "La Poderosa" - the mighty one - with a nod to Ernesto Guevara and the power of travel.

see you in the mountains,
Mark McD