Thursday, April 16, 2009

mid april, 2009.......

Danette's bike bolted down for a post-brazing alignment check - straight!
a nice looking rig!
some smooth headtube brazing - i did these at the end of a really long day and they came out quite nice even though i was very tired.
i'm happy with this BB junction - it won't take long to polish that up - plus my arms & joint are very fatigued from handcycling, so i appreciate that.
shop mayhem picture!
went for a cruise on the Fort Valley trail system - climbed for three hours & then descended for one. good fun! i really needed to get out - it had been a long time! the big lenticular cloud east of the peaks means the weather is changing, and it did snow the whole next day.

a beautiful grove of mature Ponderosa pines. we live in the world's largest grove of Ponderosas, stretching from Utah to Mexico through central Arizona through the southern corner of New Mexico.
the snow is thinning on the southern slopes, but people are still skiing up there.

more later, i'm gonna try real hard to get Danette's bike done today, and then i'm starting on Keri's. more later, Steve.

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Mimbres Man said...

Beautiful bike Steve.

Those trail pics look a lot like the Gila (except for the snowy Peaks). Volcanic rocks/soil and that same PP forest.