Monday, April 06, 2009

Lex's frame, Danette's frame.

all brazed up & in the polishing process.......what a cool looking little frame!
how nice is that? this came out really well......i couldn't find a double butted tube short enough to use without removing all or most of the butting off of one or either ends, so i ended up using a single butted seat tube and making this "lug" for the seat cluster. no, you cannot have one. sorry...........
some A-OK brazing still hot from the torch. that'll clean up quick.

Denise snuck in and got a shot of me brazing.
Danette's bike in it's conceptual stage. it's gonna be a great build. i have all the parts here and i'm gonna start cutting tubes as soon as i finish with Lex's frame. a great tubing mix on this frame: true temper, prestige, dedacciai, 4130 and paragon.......

her blueprint before i cover it with greasy hand prints, coffee rings and flux.......

that's it for now.......going to have some breakfast and relax before doing some polishing and resting up for a build date with Simon, we're gonna get his yellow frame put together this afternoon, and hopefully weather allowing i'll get to go fishing tomorrow! ciao for niao, Steve.

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